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Welcome to this NPO (Non-Profit Organization) website. Our Journey started with Adyar Tailors Association (ATA)in the year 1999 to date. NTTA, focusing on Tailor's prevention, as well as remediation of problems and maintaining a commitment in improving the overall quality of life of service populations. We are in the process of bringing about benefits and facilities such as education, subsidized housing plots for tailors, to improve the life and living conditions of the Women, Children, disabled, the elderly, and the needy in the community.

Caring is Sharing

We are a bunch of like-minded individuals united and working for the cause of tailors and tailoring in India mainly focusing on providing hands on vocational courses in tailoring for skilled youths who lacks direction or economically not sound.

Give A Bit Change A Lot

Donating money is a very personal decision. There is no right or wrong amount. Anything more than 0% is good in our eyes. Donate as little as 3 to 5% of your income for any of our NGO activities be it for building construction or for the Tailor’s welfare. The amount you donate will make a tremendous change in the lives of theperson who need help out there.

Tailoring Colony

We own the land with an area covering Four and a half acres. We have some funds to start the construction and can raise loan if need arises. The moment we said make use of the land which was ready to be developed as a “Tailors Colony”- Exclusive for one community i.e. “Tailoring Community”.

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About our NTTA


These are of three stages- First to educate, grow and develop. Second is to help them become an Entrepreneur, Third is to taking their skill set to next level.


We believe in maximizing happiness and harmony among all people by providing life improvement opportunities for the tailoring communities in the region. By helping community members learn and integrate new skills, we promote self-empowerment and the importance of serving each other. We have also involved in construction of marriage halls that can be availed free of cost (subjected to NTTA’s terms and conditions) bytailors, community temple for the tailors etc.

Founded by Bala Gopal this is a Public Benefit Organization, registered for the welfare of the Tailors who seek to earn a certification programme in tailoring. We intend to teach basic, intermediate and skilled tailoring for which we Identify talented youth or tailors with little bit skill then train and support them to start their own establishments. Our aim is to help them gain confidence and be proud of the work they do.

President Message

I (Bala Gopal ) have been helping hands for poor and needy tailors since I started Tailoring business. Along with othertailoring members.

  • I have highlighted the need to recognise tailoring as an industry, help the new tailors and existing tailors with skill development or teaching them corrective measures.
  • I have requested in many meetings to make use of the land which was ready to be developed as a “Tailors Colony”- Exclusive for one community i.e. “Tailoring Community”.
  • After one of the recent interviews ,I felt I should start something big and continue forever to it’s best than the ATA set standards.
  • Please check the events to know the efforts we have taken so far.
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The good will is for a brighter future for an unemployed youth with tailoring interests is 100% funded by supporters like you!

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